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How to Deal with Doubters

By Max Bonto July 19, 2020 0 comments

Doubters. Haters. They’ll always be there when the spoils of success inevitably come your way. It’s almost like they can smell the honey and flock to it like flies. They would want a piece of the action and if they can’t, they’ll try their hardest to bring you down, labeling you as the enemy.


“If I can’t have a piece, why should you have it in the first place?” they would think.


For those who are hustling everyday to strive towards success, having naysayers is almost as inevitable as the hustle itself.  


It is a problematic concept to come to terms with. Why would there be penalties for success? Why should there be verification for the hard work we have put in with those who do not want to do any? 


It could be daunting, but the one thing to remember is that you can control the way you react to these instances; or better yet, to NOT react at all. 


So, if today you’re looking for some good ol’ advice on how to deal with your naysayers, here are some simple reminders you can tell yourself today. 


Ignore Them Completely


Often, the simplest way to engage with your haters is to not engage with them. The one thing these people want to get out of you is a word back. Your responses to their heckling and criticisms are what they are after. The sooner you ignore the noise, the faster it dies down. 


Don’t Take The Bait


Sometimes there will be instances where your silence doesn’t deter the naysayers. There may be cases where this could even prompt them to try harder and be louder. The word choices may even become harsher through the par of the course. 


This constant heckling is a tempting opportunity for some to snap back and hurl their poison back at the haters, but this only works in their favor. It only gives them the clout they want and validates their shallow victory.

Block. Unfollow. Unsubscribe. Remember, you have the control. Create that white space in your mind, so you have the energy and ability to go after the things that really matter instead of wasting your time clapping back at their unproductive rants.


Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and in your capacity to rise above the challenge.

If you’re chasing a dream, catching up to a goal, or trying to find your own footing in the world, this is your journey. There may be influences in your inner circle, people telling you which way to go, but what you need to know is that your life IS ultimately run under your own volition, whether you like it or not. 


If there’s a challenge you think you can’t do and you simply decide not to do anything—that is a decision too. 


You are seeing this vision for yourself that nobody else can see. This is your mark. There’s no point listening to naysayers or people who have no other impact in the output of your life, except for your downfall, because they’re not trotting down that road with you. 


So, in the end, be confident in your vision. Trust your skills. Redefine your ability to learn and grow. Because it’s your home court and you’re the star of this game. 


Listen to your supporters


Some haters are far away from you, but most of the time, we have people in our lives who are our greatest critics. If that is the case, focus on those who shower you with support and love. Find people, a small group of trusted friends, who you can rely on when the going gets tough.


Studies show that a great support system enables people to perform better, achieve more, and go beyond expectations.


We only have 24 hours in every day, with a limited amount of focus to pour into our work and our dreams. Don’t waste your time and energy piling up on gossips, responding to people who have nothing else to do with their lives than to follow you on social media platforms and criticize the way you do what you do. 


Be unapologetically you. 

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