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Things to Remember Before Heading to the Barbers

By Max Bonto July 19, 2020 0 comments

Getting a haircut is a regular affair, and chances are, a barbershop is a place to get your cuts. But going to the barbershop is somewhat similar to going to the supermarket for your groceries. You’re not going to go there without an idea of what to buy; you’d bring a list with you and allocate an amount of time to it. Haircuts are the same thing. You’ll be bringing a mindset with you and then hunkering down for a set time to realize the style that you want. 

Of course, there are no strict, clear cut guidelines to follow in getting a haircut. It will make it easier for you and your barber; however, here’s a simple guide to help you make your barber trips more fulfilling. 

Know the Cut that You Want

Your barber isn’t going to be a mind reader who can take a look at your head and automatically know what cut you want. He is no magician, either. So before heading to your local barbershop for that appointment, know what cut or style you want to be performed on you. This way, the moment you sit on the chair, the barber can get to work right away. 

Bring a Reference Photo

Sometimes you might be feeling a little spicy and want to try out a new style or copy an existing one. Odds are, you won’t be able to describe it correctly to your barber; leaving you with a do that wasn’t exactly what you had envisioned. By bringing a reference photo with you and showing it to your barber, you and him both can avoid a hair disaster from unfolding. 

Wash Your Hair

For best results, barbers would prefer that your hair arrives at the shop in its natural state; dry, soft, and clean. While this helps your stylist in determining how to go about cutting your hair, it’s also just plain unhygienic. Washing your hair removes the grime and dirt in it that may cause some difficulties in the cutting process. Much like going to a dentist, do your barber a favor and wash your hair before your appointment. 

Be on Time

Needless to say, being on time is a quality that must be practiced by everyone in all circumstances. A barber is a highly demanding profession, and the time they can spend on a client is going to be mainly dependent on the time they spent on the previous one. Firstly, try to arrive at your appointment on time. If at all possible, be early even. There might be a chance that you can get your haircut done quicker, and in turn, this bumps the next customer up the line as well. 

Bring a Topic of Conversation

Barbers are never ones to refuse a good conversation, so don’t be shy to start one with them. Just make sure to be appropriate with what you are going to talk about and don’t be too pushy. For barbers, conversations usually consist of small talk to keep them occupied while working on your hair.

Have Fun With It

Haircuts could feel like a chore, but you could make it into an event you can look forward to. Just like at our HQ at Hair Science AK, where we treat guests with a VIP pampering, you can also start getting acquainted with the community in the shop. Know people. Shake their hands (obviously, after COVID). Be open. Because great barbershops (Hair Science, ahem!), are places where the people are genuinely striving to serve you, help you feel better about yourself, and see yourself from a whole new refreshing perspective.

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