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10 Pandemic-friendly Hairstyles Your Son Can Get

By Hair Science 30 de septiembre, 2020 0 comentarios

Having kids is one of life’s greatest blessings. It makes parents proud to experience many of their child’s firsts, their first words, their first steps, their first haircut! If you’re a parent, you’d want nothing more than to make your child look their best and what better way to start than with his hair. 

A haircut is a necessary service that everyone needs to avail every so often. Hair grows whether we like it or not, and unless you have the expertise to cut your hair (or your kid’s hair), you’d need the help of a barber. With a pandemic raging across the globe, however, you might find your trips and appointments to the barbershop becoming limited with social distancing causing shops to restrict the number of customers they are servicing. Unless barbers become a hundred percent operational, you’d want to get your kid a haircut that will last him until the end of the pandemic. 


Ideally, for boys, a lasting haircut that requires the least trips to the barbers means getting a short and straightforward style, something with fades or parts. This way, you’re giving your child’s hair a lot of time to grow out and make it more manageable until your next available appointment to the barbers. Before heading on over to your kid’s hair styling arrangement, you could let him choose among the styles to last him until his next trip to the barber’s seat. 

  • Side Part
    • This is one of the more common styles for men and boys. The top part of the hair is kept longer than the rest, which is then parted to the side while one side is cropped short. This style is fairly easy to maintain and would only need minimal hair product to keep the form. 

  • Hard Part
    • This style is similar to the Side Part except, a clean line down the scalp beside the part is shaved with a razor, giving a more prominent separation between the fade and the part to the side. 

  • Comb Over (with Side or Hard Part)
    • While this style is more catered to men, kids should have no problem sporting this hairdo. The top part of the hair is left much longer than with the aforementioned styles, as this part of the hair is needed to comb it across the crown. This can also be paired with either a side or a hard part.

  • The Fringe 
    • The Fringe haircut has the sides of the hair clipped short but the top part is grown to a length where it’s able to fall onto the guy’s forehead, laying flat as bangs or can be styled to become voluminous. 

  • Ivy League
    • Also known as the Harvard Clip, the Ivy League is a popular type of crew cut where the top front part of the hair is kept long enough to be styled, leaving the crown of the head clipped short and then paired with a side part. This style is also a common sight among young boys.
  • The Quiff
    • This one is a highly stylized haircut that aims to mimic the plumage atop a knight’s helmet. Made as a combination of the 1950’s pompadour, flat top, and mohawk, this style is also a popular choice among young boys who are looking to exude an air of confidence. 

  • Brush Up
    • Boys may also find this style appealing, with trimmed sides in an undercut, fade, or taper and then brushing the top part of the hair upwards in a messy flair, giving off a brushed up appearance. 

  • The Pompadour
    • The pompadour works best for kids with healthy and voluminous hair as these can easily be complemented with a choice of cut on the sides. The top part of the hair is now either slicked back or to the side. 

  • Flat Top
    • The Flat Top is a more popular choice among those with hard and rough hair. The crown is styled to the extent where it can stand up straight to form an excellent flat-appearing deck. 

  • Taper Fade
    • Much like a normal fade, the trim runs down the back and side parts of the head while the top part keeps its length longer than the fades. The only difference it has from the normal fade is the cropping, where the hair is trimmed down to where it almost fades into the skin. 

    If you have the confidence to cut your own child’s hair, then these styles shouldn’t be too difficult a challenge with the right tools and some well-placed tutorials. Should your local barbershop be open for business, however, this should be a prime opportunity to take you and your child for an appointment and get any of these pandemic-friendly styles. 

    Drop by or make an appointment at Hair Science Barbershop! We’ll be glad to help you out with your hair styling needs.

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