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Alternate Uses for Hair Science Essential Oil

By Hair Science 01 de octubre, 2020 0 comentarios

When we talk about essential oils, the first thing that probably pops to your mind is health. Though vague for others, most of us know that essential oils are substances that can be ingested or applied to induce some benefit. For example, using coconut oil can keep hair and scalp moist, or when ingested, can increase your metabolism. Castor oil is more commonly known to relieve dry skin and acts as a moisturizer, much like coconut oil. 

For the bearded man, care for the facial ornament is just as important as care for the crown up top. Our Essential Beard Oil is a combination of all-natural oils. When applied, it will keep your beard soft, hydrated, and healthy. It’s all part of a daily care routine. However, did you know that our Essential Oil can also fulfill other purposes that aren’t related to beards? It is only standard for a product made out of all-natural ingredients. Curious as to what else our Essential Oil can do? Read on below and find out!

Household Lubricant

It may be a little unorthodox, but since it is an oil, you can use it as an emergency lubricant. Apply it onto squeaky door hinges or loosen up stubborn tools, but don’t rely on it too much. It’s a waste really, and only a temporary fix until you get heavy-duty mechanical oil. 

Overnight Beard Mask

The Essential Oil is commonly used during the day, to prevent the hair and the skin underneath from drying out and flaking. Sometimes though, flaking and dryness are worse for some and may need more care as usual. It would call for more intensive use of the oil, called an overnight beard mask, done to remedy more damaged beard hair and scalp. To do this, wash your face or take a shower and pat it dry. Then apply a liberal amount of oil, more than what you usually put, onto your beard, and leave it on overnight. In the morning, rinse it out with water.  

Hair Sunscreen

The coconut oil in our Essential Beard Oil makes a great light sunscreen for your beard hair. Harsh sunlight is incredibly damaging for your hair, and the ones on your face are no exception. By applying the Essential Oil, you get a little protection from the sun’s rays, lessening the damage that hair sustains. 

Pre-shave Oil

When the time comes for an occasional shave, use the Essential Oil can as a pre-shave ointment before applying the shaving cream or going straight to the cut. Doing this helps prevent razor burn, and gives you a smoother, softer shave. It also helps keep your skin moisturized afterward. Made with all-natural ingredients, the Essential Oil it’s readily and safely absorbed into the skin and prevents the clogging of the pores.  

Oil for Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Though the name implies that the Essential Oil is optimally used for beards, the product can also be used for hair down under. While also keeping the hair there soft, the anti-bacterial properties of the ingredients will also keep odor-causing bacteria to spread. Ideally, you can apply it to the hair after a shower and after manscaping. 

Hair Science Essential Beard Oil is still best used as intended; for the beard. What’s best is to use beard oils made with all-natural ingredients. The skin will benefit from absorbing the minerals, the oil nourishing both beard and scalp.

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